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The Farriers Association of Washington State (FAWS) was first incorporated in 1977 as a vehicle to enhance communication and learning between farriers and to increase overall horse industry communication. There are many states in the United States which have similar organizations, all of which are united through the American Farriers Association (AFA). As stated in the FAWS by-laws, the purposes of the organization include:

  • To organize and promote excellence in the art and science of farriery;
  • To define, maintain, and improve the quality of craftsmanship and standard of ethics within the association;
  • To inform the public and the horseowner of such quality and standards;
  • To establish a medium for the resolution of problems related to the practice of farriery for the concern, interest, and betterment of the entire horse industry. The association does not regulate or interfere with any farrier's clientele, territory, or pricing.

FAWS members organize and participate in clinics and conventions, which provide a medium for horsepeople, veterinarians, farriers, and related parties to exchange their views and thoughts. Communication among farriers has been improving and progressing as never before. Recent improvements in farrier tools and supplies are direct results of the communication within the profession.

Licensing is not a FAWS goal. Although many states have entertained legislation for state licensing, we oppose state licensing and encourage certification within the guidelines set by farrier associations. Our intention is to be prepared, if such circumstances should occur within our state, to guide and influence such legislation in an attempt to protect the future of our profession.

FAWS makes a bona fide effort to handle individual concerns in a constructive, cooperative manner. We welcome you to our meetings, encourage you to be on our mailing list for all the latest events and publications, and most of all, we hope you support our efforts by spreading the word, "FAWS".

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