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FAWS members can rent videos from our collection for $5 each. You can rent as many as two videos at a time. To order a rental please send your name, address, phone number, video selection(s) and payment to:

Rich Johnson
30605 132nd Ave SE
Auburn, WA 98092
Phone: 253-205-6820

David Farmilo: Hoof-Line

FAWS Jean-Marie Denoix Clinic, December 4, 2005

FAWS Scott Morrison Roundtable, January 2005: Disc 1, Disc 2

VHS Cassettes

Beeman Clinic: Tape 1, Tape 2

Doug Butler: Bones and Ligaments of the Horses Leg

Burney Chapman: Equine Foot Therapeutics

FAWS Convention 1987: Eggbars and Quarter Cracks

FAWS Convention 1987: Tape 1, Tape 2, Tape 3

Faws Equine Lecture October 5, 2002

Faws Hank McKewen Clinic in Spokane WA

America Farriers Association 2000 Convention:

Farriers Role in Locomotion & Lameness Tape 1, Tape 2

Extreme Breakover - Use and Misue

Extreme Breakover Roundtable

Lynden Clinic: Tape 1, Tape 2, Tape 3

Chris Pollitt: Horse Foot Study

Ric Redden, DVM:

Angular Limb Problems & Flexure Deformities in Foals

Club Feet

Conformation as it Relates to Lameness and Shoeing the Young Horse

Advanced Cushion Support Instruction Tape

4 Point Trim

Advanced Equine Series Tape 4: Toe Crack Repair and Aluminum Welding

Advanced Equine Series Tape 3: Taking Consistently High Quality Radiographs

Theraflex Pads

Bob Marshall:

Optimum Farrier Performance

Basic Shoemaking

Basic Shoemaking II

Bar Shoe

Barry Rice:

Tool Making

Tool Knife


Hoof-Pak & Repair Technique

Hoof Repair Demonstration

Equipak & Build

The Athletic Horse - Injuries, Problems, Solutions

Horseman's Video Library Vol. 1: The Heartbar Shoe

John Forsythe: All For The Horse

Gene Ovnicek: Equine Digit Support System Instructional Tape

Dan Haussman & Dean Pearson: Shoe Making

Theraflex: Shoe Inserts

Equitechnology: Level It

Interface & Motion Clinic

Draft Horse Shoeing Panel, Portland 1984

Fundamentals Of Forging

Vol. 1: The Anvil, Hammer and Tongs, with Roy Bloom

Vol. 2: Basic Shoe Making with Roy Bloom and Dave Farley

Vol. 3: Forge Welding Steel & Aluminum, with Roy Bloom and Dave Farley

Vol. 4: Cowpies & Clips, with Roy Bloom

Extra: Tool Maintenance, with Roy Bloom

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